Lesson #120 - The Christ 1

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In This Lesson:

Definition of “The Christ”

Soul Collaboration


Christed Beings

The Office of the Christ Force

Prayers Directed to Yeshua

The Christ Force as Unifying Agent

Re-Emergence of the Hierarchy

Presentation of the Christ Force

Preparing the Planet for the Christ Force

Transformation of Religions

Social Changes

Clearing Maya, Illusion and Glamour

Opinion on Cayce Material

How Will the Christ Consciousness be Received?

Some Possible Reactions

When Will Christ Consciousness Manifest?

Christ Force in Female Form

Spiritualizing Government

Russia’s Role in Overlighting of the Christ

Dead Sea Scrolls

Universal Expression of Religion

Value of Historical References of Christed Beings

Value of Mental and Intuitive Development

Higher Mind and Lower Mind

Qualities of Christ Consciousness

Divinity as Unity of Consciousness

Restoring Connection

Experience of Oneness

Homework Assignment

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